Leigh and I talk about how to use accessories to best effect

Accessories are an amazing way to personalise an outfit.

They are all the finishing touches that we might add such as watches, glasses, sunglasses, jewellery, buttons, bags, belts, scarves, gloves, hair, make up and so on. 

We can make items look different through the accessories we choose – change the mood,  take things from casual to dressy, bring items back to life, avoid boredom with an item. 

Accessories can create focal points to pull attention to, or away from, an area. 

Leigh asked if there are rules when it comes to accessories.  I would say there are not really rules but a few things to be aware of such as: 

  • Colours
  • Scale
  • Proportions
  • Clothing lines 
  • Your lifestyle.  

With accessories, we might own a variety but it’s easy to get stuck in wearing the same things all the time.  This might be partly due to storage.  Jewellery can be hard to store – if you can’t see it or access it you probably won’t bother with it.   

Have fun with accessories and use them  to express who you are and bring creativity and variety into your wardrobe. 

    I am absolutely delighted with the transformative experience of working with Lucy. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself and my personal style through our sessions.


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