Dressing for inner confidence

Lucy and Leigh talk about how to use clothing to create and express inner confidence

Confidence can be a difficult thing to define. 

How confident we are comes from the inside and shows on the outside.  We can feel it when we have it and when we don’t and we can recognise it in others.  

Inner confidence shines on the outside.

Sometimes we can knock our confidence with the things we tell ourselves and maybe we have been telling ourselves these things for many years.  These thoughts have become habits that are so ingrained we’ve forgotten we created them somewhere along the line and we can change them.

Clothes can be a good place to start to feel confident. They provide the practical tools of colours and styles we can use to create confidence in ourselves and to discover and express our own authentic style. And confidence comes when the outside and inside are connected.

    I’m so pleased I did the colour & style session and wardrobe evaluation with Lucy, she’s brilliant! Thanks to Lucy I now know which clothes make the most of my body shape. And understanding colours was a revelation: I used to wonder why some things drained me and some things made me feel great – and now I know! And even better, I don’t have to remember it because she made me this fabulous wallet of swatches.


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