The Phases of Style Coaching : Colour

Alex & Lucy talk about colour and how it is worn on the outside and yet can affect our mood and emotions.

Colour is so interesting because it’s visual and external and, at the same time, it affects our mood and emotions.

Many of us have emotional connections to colours. We can react strongly to them and they can evoke memories.

Alex shares her love of lemon yellow from the 1980s!

Colour has always been a fundamental part of Lucy’s work with clients. And it is one important element of the Style Coaching process.

  • Knowing the colours that harmonise beautifully with your colouring allows you to:
  • Wear colours that have you look and feel your best
  • Expand the colours you wear
  • Take out the guesswork and combine colours with confidence
  • Be playful
  • Make adjustments if and when your colouring changes
  • Know how to wear colours that you love but are not you at your best
  • Wear colours that express you personally
  • Dress your mood and how you’re feeling or lift your mood
  • Shop with focus and intention. Saving time and money
  • Have everything come together with ease and confidence

Knowing your personal colour palette moves you from colour confused to colour confident.

    Lucy truly is a dream to work with! She clearly loves what she does and wants to help people feel more confident in life. What she does is so important and she doesn’t at all make it feel like work. I looked forward to every session I had with her; she was so easy to talk to and confide in, it really made the whole process enjoyable.


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