My journey with Personal Styling began in 1996 when I attended a Colour with Style Course in Hong Kong.  

It’s hard to believe now, but I didn’t even know this kind of career  existed.  Something resonated with me during these group sessions covering colour, make up, body shapes and style.  I could see the effect the discovery of style had on others in the group too.  

In 1997 the Consultants were looking for someone to train and, after a career in corporate environments,  I took a giant leap outside my comfort zone and completed a hands on apprenticeship with these knowledgeable and experienced Consultants.  I loved what I was learning, developing my own sense of style and the confidence that came with that.  Just as importantly, I wanted to share this work and it’s benefits to make a difference to others.  

Never in my life had I been shown or taught the colours and styles that work for me.  As I followed the advice I began to feel confident in myself, the way I looked and dressed, consistently for the first time. My wardrobe and clothing choices began to support me in my life rather than causing stress and sometimes feelings of inadequacy.  

I quickly  realised the benefits of this work go far beyond wearing clothes that work for us and our lifestyle.  The mind and body are intrinsically linked and affect each other.  What we wear on the outside becomes a confidence tool and starting point for positive results that seep into every aspect of our life and support us in moving outside our comfort zone both professionally and personally.  

When we observe the conversations we have about ourselves and our bodies, challenge those beliefs and create new inspiring ones transformation happens. I  work with clients both on their personal style and the challenging conversations they sometimes have with themselves that prevent them from being comfortable in their own body and expressing themselves fully in their clothing and their lives.

My Professional Qualifications & Memberships

2021 – INLPTA Diploma with Spiral Change 

2019 –  member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

2013 – qualified as a Style Coach™ with The Style Coaching Institute® and became an Accredited Member of the International Association of Style Coaches™.

1997 – qualified as a Colour and Style Consultant with Jayne Whitehead of Colour with Style Hong Kong.

I donate to Smile Train because they change lives one smile at a time

Accredited and member of