What the Mum!  Podcast with Maria Newman

Maria and Lucy talk about her experience of becoming a mum living in Hong Kong.

A lot of the time I find myself trying to stay present in the moment or looking forward to what’s next.

But, now and again, I find myself being prompted into going down memory lane and reflecting on my life so far.

I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking to Maria Newman when she invited me to be a guest on her Podcast What the Mum!

A big part of my adult life was spent outside the UK. In that time there were moves and transitions. But the following were, and remain, stable; my lovely husband, my wonderful children, my work as a Personal Stylist and the pull to contribute and make a difference to others.

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Website : mummyonabreak.co.uk

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/maria-newman/

    I’m so pleased I did the colour & style session and wardrobe evaluation with Lucy, she’s brilliant! Thanks to Lucy I now know which clothes make the most of my body shape. And understanding colours was a revelation: I used to wonder why some things drained me and some things made me feel great – and now I know! And even better, I don’t have to remember it because she made me this fabulous wallet of swatches.


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