Inside Leigh’s Wardrobe

Lucy spends time with Leigh in her wardrobe

Lucy and Leigh go into Leigh’s wardrobe.  

As well as great colours and styles we really need to have our lifestyle and our personal style in our wardrobe too for it to be supportive and successful.  

Evaluating your wardrobe is an opportunity to take a pause.  To look at what you have, what you wear, how you wear it, what you don’t wear.  And the important question : why?

A wardrobe inventory has us refamiliarise ourselves  with what we have and as we start to put some numbers on items we can begin to really see  how much of a particular item we have or what gaps there are. It’s a way of looking at our clothes with fresh eyes. 

As well as looking at the items in your wardrobe, part of the process is to see how you are storing things.  Are you using the space you have in the best way?  Is everything visible and accessible?   

When evaluating your wardrobe you might think you have to decide whether something stays or goes.  But you can give yourself a halfway place – a box or a drawer – where you put things you’re not sure about.  This creates some space between the item and the decision.   The item is still there if you need it but if you don’t see it or need it for a few months the decision is easier. 

You will have to evaluate your wardrobe more than once.  You can take your time.  It has taken time to accumulate things and so it makes sense to give yourself time to go through and really learn about yourself and your needs in the process.  

As you evaluate your wardrobe you will discover new ways to wear things and you may identify gaps.  These gaps start to create your shopping list.  I recommend you create two shopping lists.  The first, things you need to buy.  The second, things you don’t need to buy.  

Throughout our life things change and we evolve along the way.  Regular reviews of our wardrobe ensure it adjusts and evolves alongside us.  

    Working with Lucy has really helped me to refine my wardrobe, make shopping for new clothes easier and to feel more confident in the clothes that I wear.


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