Wardrobe Regular Reviews

Leigh and Lucy talk about regular reviews of your wardrobe that ensure your wardrobe evolves as you do.

Leigh and I talk about what to do next when it’s all done. 

You’ve done the work and your wardrobe is complete.  You open the doors and drawers and only see flattering colours and styles, your life, your personal style.  You know what’s in there and you love every piece.  You feel confident and supported. Getting dressed in the morning is easy.

But it’s never all done.  You change, things in your life change, the things you love wear out.  If you’re not paying attention old habits can creep back in and the unconscious accumulation is back.  

To keep our wardrobe alongside us throughout our life it needs to adjust and evolve as we do.  

This involves regular review and monitoring.  Maybe as the seasons change and you do a review of what you did and didn’t wear looking back and what you will need looking forward.  Keeping up with any adjustments needed in a conscious and intentional way.

And at the end of the day, using your wardrobe to work for you, express your inner confidence and who you are in all areas of your life.

    Thank you Lucy!  My hectic life makes it hard to find time to have a coordinated wardrobe.  Your advice helped me and I love the beautiful swatch book that you have created for me and it is really handy to have it handbag-sized to refer to whilst shopping.  The pleasure I derive from a well coordinated appearance has boosted my confidence and happiness and it’s a lovely feeling when people notice and compliment me.


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