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The Fun & Feisty Caregivers Virtual Summit

I had the honour of being part of The Fun & Feisty Caregivers Virtual Summit

Clothes are a powerful tool for our confidence and sense of self.

Many of us have caregiving responsibilities and know others in this position too.

I understand the incredible dedication and selflessness it takes to be a caregiver. That’s why it was a privilege to be speaking at this groundbreaking event: The Fun & Feisty Caregivers Summit which was organised and hosted by Katy Kaumeyer and Michelle Slaney-Trovato.

This transformative event was designed with caregivers in mind, providing invaluable support and resources to enhance your caregiving journey providing knowledge, community, and the tools to thrive.

My presentation was focused on Caring For Yourself While Caring For Others.

It’s really easy to put the needs of others before our own especially when we are a caregiver. There are so many demands on our time and energy. We can lose ourselves in the process. It can seem impossible and yet it’s really important that we take care of ourselves to ensure we allow ourselves to take care of our well being and keep our own confidence, grace and sense of self. We can do this in many simple ways through our thoughts and actions.

One way of keeping our sense of self and maintaining our dignity is by using our clothes as silent confidence boosters.

I share the pillars of having a successful, supportive and confident wardrobe:

  • Colour – colour is magic and affects us and those around us
  • Style – dress your body in it’s most flattering way
  • Lifestyle – align your clothes with what you do in your life and how you want to look and feel
  • Personal Style – your expressed on the outside
  • Self Care – simple ways to take care of, and nurture, yourself

Clothes are a powerful tool for our confidence and sense of self.

    Working with Lucy has really helped me to refine my wardrobe, make shopping for new clothes easier and to feel more confident in the clothes that I wear.


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