I fully appreciate that  you may have questions about me and my Style Coaching™ Services before deciding whether to work with me. 

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and if you have any other questions that are not answered here, or you are looking for more information, I’m  happy to have an informal, no obligation chat.

Call me on 01223 563360 or complete the form.

I have been working in the profession of Personal Styling since 1997.  I am professionally trained and qualified.  In 2013 I qualified as a Style Coach™obtaining an Honours Diploma from The Style Coaching Institute.  In 1997 I qualified as a Colour & Style Consultant with Colour with Style.  In 2021 I completed a INLPTA Diploma with Spiral Change.

I have worked in Hong Kong, Japan and the UK.  My clients have been from all over the world and continue to be so as I work in person and online.

I am an accredited member of the International Association of Style Coaches™ and a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

The relationship between myself and my clients is one of collaboration, mutual respect and trust. I understand that choosing one of my Style Coaching™ Programmes is both a financial and time commitment. Therefore, it is very important that the relationship feels right for both myself and you as my client. Before committing to working with me, I offer a free, no-obligation Introductory Call to discuss your needs, requirements and aspirations. If you feel you would like to meet me in person before committing that can also be arranged either in person or via video conferencing. If you feel you would like to speak to someone who has worked with me previously I can arrange that too.

This will depend on your location; all of my Style Coaching™ services are available in person and online via video conferencing.

For in person consultations, I am based in Cambridge and have a Studio there.  Consultations such as Colour Analysis, Personal Style and Body Shape usually take place there.  However, I am also happy to travel to your home or a venue chosen by you.  Wardrobe Evaluations take place in your home so we can review your wardrobe.  Personal Shopping trips can be in Cambridge or at a place of your choosing.  Before shopping with you I would usually visit the shops a few days beforehand but this might not be possible if you choose another location.

Group Sessions with 4 participants are usually at a venue provided by you but I can also do those in my Studio.

Presentations and the Workshop Series will be at a venue provided by you.

Please note that travel expenses will be payable for distances more than 20 miles from Cambridge (mileage is charged at 45p per mile 20 miles outside Cambridge).

The Style Coaching™ sessions take place at times convenient for both of us.  I am very flexible and appreciate that everyone’s lifestyle and available time may be different.

Style Coaching™ is very visual and hands on.  Your Style Coaching™ sessions can take place in person or online via video conferencing such as Zoom.  Or a combination of the two.

Online shopping is definitely a possibility.

However with the following caveat:  looking at an image on-line doesn’t give the same experience as physical shopping.  Sizes between brands vary, you can’t feel the fabric, see the true colour, or try on the garment before purchasing.  I can advise from the website and then see you in the garments in person or via video conferencing if necessary.

I am based in Cambridge in the UK and all of my Style Coaching™ services are available in person and online via video conferencing. Therefore, I can work with clients anywhere in the UK and around the world.

In my own experience, and that of many clients, knowing the colours and colour combinations that work well for you actually expands the colours you wear and makes your wardrobe more versatile. This session gives you an experience of the wonderful palette of colours that work for you as well as showing you how to successfully wear colours outside that palette if you wish  – black is a common colour here. You will gain an in depth knowledge of your colours as well as the makeup colours that complement you. You will receive a set of digital and fabric swatches allowing you to buy and mix and match colours with confidence.

I fully appreciate that your wardrobe is a personal and private place.  I am sensitive, professional and non-judgemental and have seen a vast variety of wardrobes; some pristine and ordered, some messy, cluttered and disorganised.  My role as your Style Coach™ is to work with you to create a streamlined wardrobe containing clothes that work for you and support you in your life.  The Wardrobe Evaluation Session is one of the most powerful as this is where the theory and practise become reality and you learn a lot about yourself and your personal style.

I fully appreciate that looking at your body shape with someone else can feel uncomfortable.  I am professional and sensitive and want you to feel comfortable and respected at all times.  You are never asked to remove your clothing during any session.  However, it’s useful if you wear form-fitting clothes – such as leggings and a vest top –  that show your shape so we can look at what will suit and flatter your unique figure.

Absolutely.  If you feel you would like to have a friend join you in some, or all, of the sessions you have with me that is fine.  It is sometimes helpful for someone you know well to observe and reinforce your new learning.

Payments are made in full in advance of the Session or Programme and are by bank transfer, Paypal or cheque if you prefer. An invoice will be issued giving the necessary payment details. I am happy to discuss the possibility of instalment payments for any of my Style Coaching™ Programmes.

I offer a range of Group Sessions for a reasonable financial investment.  Group sizes can be small with 4 participants or for larger groups I offer Presentations and a Workshop Series which are tailor made and priced according to your requirements.

My Style Coaching™ Programmes and Sessions clearly set out what is included and the cost of additional hours – for example for Wardrobe Evaluation & Persona Shopping – if chosen.

However, there may be additional costs if you choose to spend money on your hair, nails, make up, skin care and so on.

Personal shopping will also incur additional costs if you choose to purchase any items.  Please be assured that there is no pressure to purchase while shopping with me. I am an independent Style Coach™ and am not affiliated to any brand or store.

Travel expenses might be incurred by yourself or to reimburse my travel depending on the location of the Sessions and the Personal Shopping Trip.

My Style Coaching™ Programmes and Sessions are purchased and paid for in full before the sessions begin.  Each Programme has a 12 month expiry date and any unused sessions can be booked within 12 months of the start of the Programme.  If you are unable to complete the Programme credit notes will be issued for the remaining sessions to be completed at a later date.  Alternatively, a Gift Certificate can be issued and offered to someone of your choosing.

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