Thank you very much for some really useful suggestions, insights and inspirations.

I have learnt a great deal and feel more focused on what is missing from my wardrobe.

I was pretty sure I needed some additional items but was in danger of getting more of the same. You have also given me some ideas about how to work with what I have at the moment. 

And I realise I need to spend more effort on planning (maybe instead of internet browsing!!)

It is a matter of looking at things afresh.


I am absolutely delighted with the transformative experience of working with Lucy Barrett as my Style Coach.

She has not only decluttered my wardrobe and decluttered my mind of limiting beliefs but has created me a great space for my newfound self-awareness and confidence. The journey with Lucy, although I admit daunting at first, has been nothing short of fantastic.

Through her expertise, I’ve learned how to choose clothes, colours, and styles that truly suit me and make me feel incredible. The process has given me a fresh perspective on my wardrobe, allowing me to buy with purpose as well as rediscovering gems that were truly buried and never worn. Now, I have a wardrobe that makes me not only look good but feel good in every outfit.

The personalised guidance and insights provided by Lucy have been invaluable. She has been patient, encouraging, sensitive in what I first felt a heavy weight on my mind but as I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself through our sessions, my fears around my own style have lifted and left me with a positive impact beyond just my appearance—it has become a reflection of my renewed self-esteem.

I highly recommend Lucy for anyone looking to revitalise their wardrobe, embrace their personal style, and experience the joy of looking and feeling their best.

Thank you, Lucy, for the empowering journey!


Lucy is a treasure! Thanks to her coaching I feel more confident about how I look and I no longer want to just throw up my hands when I think about what to wear. She is warm, professional, creative and supportive. She really listens! Her advice is tailored to each client and she celebrates everyone’s individuality. I’ve learned so much from her that I now make better decisions when I buy new clothes. Also, she worked with the clothes that I already had and showed me new ways of putting together outfits that I hadn’t considered. Lucy is a fantastic, experienced style coach and I highly recommend her services.


I started working with Lucy as I realised my wardrobe no longer reflected me nor was suitable for my lifestyle.

As a mum of two young boys, a bulldog puppy and also running my own coaching business I am always on the go! And the clothes I had didn’t support that lifestyle. Plus I live in Wales, so it is usually raining 🙂 and yet I had a wardrobe full of impractical smart dresses from my days in corporate.

Working with Lucy has been everything I hoped for (and so much more)! I wanted to get to know my style again and to own less clothes but to know the ones in my wardrobe suited me and worked for my lifestyle.

Having worked with Lucy I now know what colours do and don’t work for me; what styles of clothes best suit my frame and also realised gaps in my wardrobe (I hardly had any trousers and a lot of tops – because I find shopping for trousers really hard!)

Clothes shopping has now become really easy as I know exactly what to buy – which not only saves me money; but time too!

I have fun back in my wardrobe but in clothes which feel like me. Which allow me to muck about with my kids, take our dog for a walk and still feel good and professional for work.

I can’t thank you enough Lucy!


Working with Lucy has been an absolute game-changer for me!

As someone who is constantly either speaking with clients on calls or creating video content, I struggled with getting the right outfits to pop, finding my personal style and feeling both comfortable and beautiful in what I wear. My session with Lucy gave me so much clarity on not only my colours but how I can pair them together for different looks. I understood my unique style so much better and it made (and continues to make) me feel like a million dollars. I’m no longer second-guessing what I wear to which event. I know exactly how I’m going to show up! More than that, knowing my colours has seeped into every part of my life. My personal space is now an expression of who I am truly as well! Lucy does incredibly transformative work, and she is a beautiful Soul all around! She has so much knowledge and wisdom to share! This best investment you can make for yourself to begin transforming your life – from the outside in!


Thank you Lucy!  My hectic life makes it hard to find time to have a coordinated wardrobe.  Your advice helped me and I love the beautiful swatch book that you have created for me and it is really handy to have it handbag-sized to refer to whilst shopping.  The pleasure I derive from a well coordinated appearance has boosted my confidence and happiness and it’s a lovely feeling when people notice and compliment me.


After my recent colour consultation I have new found confidence to play with colour combinations.  I have loved creating new outfits and rediscovering items of clothing and accessories that had been unworn for a while.  I have also felt more confident wearing my clothes than I have done for years.  I can’t wait for the next stage of my journey!


Working with Lucy was fabulous. She put me at ease straight away, and truly opened my eyes. She’s brilliant at giving clear, direct feedback, but with total empathy and respect. During the day, I got insight, ideas and super-clear on the colours and styles that would work for me. I decided to put my new knowledge into place straight away – decluttered my wardrobe and bought some new staples which work wonderfully together. I finally have the capsule wardrobe that I could never figure out by myself! Her follow up support has been superb too. An in depth portfolio which I’ll refer to time and time again. An absolutely invaluable investment. Huge thanks Lucy!


I have had so much fun working with Lucy – when we met I had a wardrobe full of clothes (plus some in a second closet and some in boxes!) and nothing to wear. I had my colours done 27 years ago, but had gone somewhat rogue. I thought I knew my body shape, but still didn’t know how to dress without feeling frumpy. I needed help!

Lucy worked her magic and now I understand why certain clothing styles and colours work best for me.

Lucy asked me to do an inventory of my clothes. Wow that was eye-opening! It really brought home to me how many clothes I have – including 63.5 pairs of socks!!  We then did a wardrobe evaluation session together and now all my clothes are in one place so I can easily see what I have. No more boxes under the bed or separate storage areas for clothes – and far fewer pairs of socks!!

I am loving creating outfits with the clothes I have and feeling so much more positive about my appearance.

I think this is only the beginning of an exciting journey – thanks Lucy!


It all started about colors, autumn colors ! 

14 years ago I got the chance to meet Lucy in Asia and she coached me about style and colours. As I was transitioning to a new job, Lucy’s coaching helped me to understand which clothes fit me in the best way, with comfort and style.

Back in Europe, 6 months ago when I changed jobs to a new Senior Director role, I felt I needed Lucy’s advice again. The experience of being coached by Lucy via remote access (Teams) is amazing ! 

Lucy helps me to build up, step by step, my wardrobe and accessories. Taking into account my working environment, my style, my position in the company and my personality. We also share about ways to communicate through various remote systems, taking into account those details in the light, make-up and background that are important for the message given to the audience.

In a word: Lucy’s coaching is precious to me. I feel good in my clothes & style and I start the day with confidence


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