Lucy and Leigh talk about shopping as a focused and conscious activity

Leigh and I talk about shopping.

We talk about how shopping is often, but not always, part of my work with clients.  We discuss how shopping can be focused and intentional when you have discovered what you need to feel a gap in your wardrobe and you go to buy that.  

How you approach shopping and your shopping habits – which will not just show up in your clothes buying – are really interesting to look at and you will see those in your wardrobe.  

Leigh shares her approach to shopping and having an awareness of a budget and how you are going to spend it.  Especially in sales when a bargain is not always a bargain!

We also discuss how you can become a conscious shopper when there is so much choice available when shopping online and in physical shops.  

    I thought I knew my colours, but I decided to go to Lucy to have her do my colours. She was amazing, and I was a season out. I’ve never forgotten what she showed me about my colouring and what truly suits me.  I still follow the guidelines she’s given me. Everytime I shop I only buy my colours…they always look and feel the best.


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