Wardrobe Planning

Lucy and Leigh talk about planning in your wardrobe

The aim is to have a wardrobe of clothes that reflects who you are and provides everything you need in it. 

Often there can be an accumulation over time and we hope – with our fingers crossed – that the collection of clothes we have gathered will give us everything we need.  

It’s common for people to plan for a special occasion such as a wedding or holiday and really think about what they need.  But maybe not so much in the everyday, every week area of their wardrobe.

Some forward planning makes all the difference and makes shopping – in your wardrobe, online, in physical shops – more focused and intentional rather than random.

The planning process starts with looking at what you do in your life on a daily, weekly, annual basis.  It includes what you do during the day; work, how old your children are, hobbies, exercise, how you get around, the weather, the kind of holidays you like and so on.  What you do and how you want to look doing it starts to give you what you need.  

You might also consider your budget for clothes, how much time you have to care for your clothes and whether you’re happy to iron or take things to the dry cleaners for example.

Planning also includes how you store your clothes and what kind of structure you have for keeping everything visible and accessible.

    I’m absolutely delighted with what we achieved. I feel very happy with what was culled for re-homing. Everything feels much more harmonious now and a sense of calm and order prevails.  I’ve taken away some very valuable tips from our sessions and been able to understand why I just didn’t get on with some items.


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