I am absolutely delighted with the transformative experience of working with Lucy. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself and my personal style through our sessions.

I am absolutely delighted with the transformative experience of working with Lucy Barrett as my Style Coach.

She has not only decluttered my wardrobe and decluttered my mind of limiting beliefs but has created me a great space for my newfound self-awareness and confidence. The journey with Lucy, although I admit daunting at first, has been nothing short of fantastic.

Through her expertise, I’ve learned how to choose clothes, colours, and styles that truly suit me and make me feel incredible. The process has given me a fresh perspective on my wardrobe, allowing me to buy with purpose as well as rediscovering gems that were truly buried and never worn. Now, I have a wardrobe that makes me not only look good but feel good in every outfit.

The personalised guidance and insights provided by Lucy have been invaluable. She has been patient, encouraging, sensitive in what I first felt a heavy weight on my mind but as I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself through our sessions, my fears around my own style have lifted and left me with a positive impact beyond just my appearance—it has become a reflection of my renewed self-esteem.

I highly recommend Lucy for anyone looking to revitalise their wardrobe, embrace their personal style, and experience the joy of looking and feeling their best.

Thank you, Lucy, for the empowering journey!

    Lucy’s approach was very much personalised to me – my needs, my desires and my preferences, while also very carefully educating me about myself and finding a style solution that feels great. I never imagined I could feel effortlessly (and comfortably) smart, but Lucy has shown me how it is possible, in a style that is still entirely mine.


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